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Born Identity DVD - Dr Robi Sonderegger

Why are you here and what are you worth?  In our modern families, it has become difficult for young people to sift through competing messages about who they are and how...


Dealing With Despair DVD - Dr Robi Sonderegger

What to do when you don't know how to go on Whether you are facing family stress, ministry pressures, financial difficulties, health complications, relationship betrayal, unbearable grief, or just plain old...


Glorious Ruins (Deluxe Edition) - Hillsong

01 - Always Will (Intro) 02 - Always Will 03 - You Never Fail 04 - Christ Is Enough 05 - Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is 06 - Glorious Ruins 07 - Closer 08 -...



Released in 2014.   Track List: 1. Dance Through The Fire 2. Unbreakable 3. New Day 4. Revive 5. He Is Called 6. Hallowed Be 7. Constant 8. The Fire Within 9. Eternal Hope 10. Redemption Came 11. Promises 12. Another Day 13. Revive -...


For Freedom - LIFE Worship

Released in 2011.   Track List: 1. Intro 2. Now I Know 3. The God Who Saves 4. Saviour Of All 5. Oh Come 6. In Jesus 7. The Turn Around 8. God With Us 9. Give Up Everything 10. You Are...


Hillsong United Live In Miami Welcome To The Aftermath CD & DVD

1 - Go 2 - Break Free 3 - You 4 - Search My Heart 5 - Mighty To Save 6 - Hosanna 7 - All I Need Is You 8 - Bones 9 - Nova 10 - Aftermath 11...


Leadership Life Lessons Vol 2 - Paul de Jong

  As leaders we all carry a constant responsibility to expand our own leadership while at the same time investing into and developing those who follow. These three messages address qualities...


Leadership Life Lessons Vol 4 - Paul de Jong

Leadership takes hold of a dream and makes it a full-blown reality. Sustained growth has always beeen a by-product of a number of ingredients such as when we enlarge our...


Leadership Life Lessons Vol 3 - Paul de Jong

Leadership, by its very nature, has a desire to impact by bringing growth and change. For growth to consistently take place, there are many ingredients needed. These include the continual...